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About us

Helz Defined is a pioneering solution to the current fast fashion industry. We are an alternative street-wear brand that use new and innovative ways to create fashion. Every product is either made of recycled or organic materials but without the 'sustainable' price-tag. We want to live in a world where a future for our planet, our workers and our customers is a certainty.

We understand the importance of comfort and style which shines through with our mission of being an ethically focused clothing brand. From our alternative streetwear to tattoo clothing, to even having a custom design, our brand is focused on ensuring you receive the best affordable, sustainable clothing which makes an impact in the tattoo clothing and alternative streetwear market.

Are you conscious about your carbon footprint? Are you wanting to make a change in terms of your own impact on the environment? Choosing to transition your wardrobe to a more sustainable clothing brand can make an impactful change on your carbon footprint. Our UK tattoo clothing brand is an affordable solution when choosing a sustainable fashion brand. Our clothes are comfortable, sustainable and above all a stylish brand. Helz Defined is a perfect solution for those inspired by the adventurous outdoor lifestyle and we aim to resonate that in our clothing.

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