This month at Helz Defined we took the first step towards bringing sustainability into the world of Skate and Bmx. Our aim is to create a community in which there is a collective goal to achieve and thrive within a sustainable future.

From the get go the vibe was incredible. Our stall was situated right outside of the plaza skatepark, which meant plenty of you athletes and spectators to meet and greet! The main stage was a perfect distance in front of the stall, allowing us to watch and listen to the likes of Giggs, Rudimental and Cyprus Hill whilst still being quiet enough for us to interact with customers and people passionate about sustainability. 

NASS has slowly become a more typical music festival and less BMX and skate oriented, but it is still an awesome environment for anyone who is a part of the scene. With regular competitions held at various ramps and skateparks set throughout the event. If you know where to look you can definitely still get the skate/BMX vibe you're after.

It was so sick to see HD repped on the  plaza skatepark by @jakeatkinson_bmx. We also saw the absolute legend Jack Maguire land the worlds first maaadd 900 tailwhip which caused our team to yodel with excitement. We also saw our Welshie Daisy Howell rank 8th in the womens Skate street competition. Congrats all round!

After travelling from questionable weather at our Leicester HQ, we were unsure as to how the next week in Bristol would pan out. Thankfully the sun came through and we were blessed with an amazing week of sunshine, and some were spoilt with a lovely serving of sunburn. 

For those who missed us, did you notice a Helz Defined peg or business card had made a mysterious appearance during your time at NASS? Get involved next time and come play the pegathon with us! Until next time, check our NASS highlight on instagram for a tiny insight into the game. 

NASS was a great source of inspiration for the brand. It gave us direction. Following the clean up process the amount of tents, rubbish and plastic left behind was a bit shocking. It made us think... how can we turn the only negative of NASS into a positive? Stay tuned... 

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