Summer Summary


Western Jam

A mini festival to celebrate all things bike related at Western Park, Leicester. This was the first time Helz Defined made an appearance to the public. We had such a positive reaction and managed to scout some amazing riders too! Keep an eye on our instagram (@helzdefined) to see what talent is hiding in Leicester.

First Photoshoot

Following the enthusiasm of the people we met at Western Jam a photoshoot the next day naturally happened. This day was an absolute scorcher. Blessed by the sun and a love for a fruitful & sustainable future, the very first kindred spirits of Helz Defined were formed. 

10/7/2019 - 15/7/19

NASS was crazy. Absolutely mad. It was the first festival any of the team had worked & organised and it truly was a learning experience. The marketing games we played worked a treat and it was great to meet & get to know the Helz Defined customer that bit better! The feedback from all the other traders & festival goers has been invaluable to the future of HD, we cant thank every single person we met & spoke to enough. Check out our NASS KRISIS blog for more deets! 


E-commerce Photoshoot

This shoot was epic fun. The friendships formed because of HD shone through all the pictures and we were rewarded with a great collection of stock photos for the website & Instagram. The team followed such awesome vibes that we decided to continue the shoot around Leicester all afternoon. Amazing day, with amazing people. Thank you. 


Reading Salvage 

Following the shocking amount of plastic and rubbish left at the campsite after NASS, we were inspired to do something about it. We signed up to be part of Reading Festival's salvage team where we filled the car with as many repurpose-able materials as possible. We managed a hell of a lot of tents ready for our exciting new project coming next festival season. Watch this space.

Isle of Wight

This was a great excuse for a business trip. Sun, Sea and Sustainability. We visited the Rapanui factory as they're doing incredible contributions to the sustainability movement. Here they design & make organic cotton T-shirts that can then be sent back & recycled... erasing the need to cultivate new cotton! This method of designing is completely circular and entirely what HD aims to achieve, however their price points for production are simply too high for us to manufacture with them & still deliver the affordable prices we wish to maintain. Regardless of this, it was well worth the visit and is something to consider in the future for HD.


Website Launch



Following a complete loss of internet due to working remotely in rural Scotland we managed to launch the Helz Defined website! Creating a new website was a huge learning curve for the whole team and we're still learning! But it has provided us with a platform to communicate in more detail than instagram with you guys as well as allowing us to sell our stock online! 

 Be the change NOW



We attended this insightful talk to broaden our knowledge of what solutions are currently out there. It was clear that there's not one straight forward answer to the issue, it's more about making many changes throughout all aspects of the industry. Have a look at our previous blogpost to learn more!

This isn't everything we've been working on this summer, as a handful of projects are still being kept secret until they are just right....